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Creative Investing Hacks with Justin Eaton

Creative Investing Hacks with Justin Eaton

Update: 2020-04-02


Real Estate Investing is hard. There are so many options and it seems like most of them are the latest 'get rich quick scheme.' But Real Estate investing can be an amazing way to grow your revenue and wealth. Recently at a PodMax event, we sat down with Justin Eaton to learn about how you can use creative investing strategies to find success. By investing in duplexes and other multiplex style units you can start investing in real estate while paying for your own place to live. These often overlooked opportunities can be your easy entry into the world of real estate. We also talk about entrepreneurship, starting your own business, and balancing work and life.

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About Justin Eaton
Justin Eaton is the owner of DwellSafe Inspections & Engineering and has been in the home inspection business since 2012. Justin graduated from Widener University in 2012 with a Civil Engineering degree. After college, Justin was hired by a local home inspection and structural engineering company and learned the ins and outs of the business. In 2018, Justin decided to start his own business and hasn't looked back. Justin aspires to build a team of home inspectors and structural engineers to provide the highest quality inspection and engineering services available in South Jersey. Justin is also an active real estate investor since 2013 (Eaton Homes (flips) and Eaton Acquisitions (rentals)) and has invested in multiple flip projects, rental properties, and is in the process of learning multi-family apartment investing / syndication. Justin in the founder of South Jersey Real Estate Investor Group (@SJREIG) which is a local real estate investor networking group who meets once a month. Justin is a die-hard Eagles fan and enjoys spending his free time with his girlfriend Ashley.








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Creative Investing Hacks with Justin Eaton

Creative Investing Hacks with Justin Eaton

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