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#CreativityWillSaveUs Series - Episode 3

#CreativityWillSaveUs Series - Episode 3

Update: 2020-04-22


Part 3 of #CreativityWillSaveUs, the special project thought, written and produced by Tommaso Cartia and Daniela Pavan, Artistic Directors of Creative Pois-On, where prominent figures from the world of art, culture, and entertainment come together to reflect on the central value that art brings to humanity during the challenging times of the global pandemic emergency. And, in support of the global community of artists who are seeing all of their venues temporarily shutting down to safely prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus.

In this episode:

International Artist – Leading Figurative Sculptor Lorenzo Quinn. He gifts us with a profoundly moving homage to Gaia – The Mother Earth – inviting through his art the global community to reach a higher level of awareness during this critical time.
Find more about Lorenzo Quinn here:

Principal Dancer of The American Ballet Theatre – Herman Cornejo. He pays tribute to Wilhelm Burmann – master teacher of ballet stars recently passed away because of Corona Virus complications.

NYC-based Italian American Actor - Jacopo Rampini. The NYC based Italian American Actor pays tribute to Italy by reciting an English version of the lyrics of “L’anno che verrà” from Italian Singer-Songwriter Lucio Dalla.
Find more about Jacopo Rampini here:

International Pianist & Artistic Director of the Narnia Festival – Cristiana Pegoraro. She sends her positive message of faith and resilience performing the Gioachino Rossini’s aria “Largo al factotum” from The Barber of Seville, arranged for the piano by her.
Find more about Cristiana Pegoraro here:

NYC-based Actress and Playwright Shelly Ramoni presenting her original piece The Light Within - a touching reflection on the current state of emergency.
Find more about Shelly Ramoni here:

American based Agent, Music Supervisor & Producer - Fois Music Founder – Giovanni Arcadu – who has worked at major TV and movie soundtracks, like Paolo Bonvino’s “Medici- Masters of Florence” with Dustin Hoffman, and with many prominent artists including Andrea Bocelli.
Find more about Giovanni Arcadu here:

Narrated by writer and art curator Sabrina With
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#CreativityWillSaveUs Series - Episode 3

#CreativityWillSaveUs Series - Episode 3

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