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#CreativityWillSaveUs Series - Episode 6

#CreativityWillSaveUs Series - Episode 6

Update: 2020-05-20


Part 6 of #CreativityWillSaveUs, the special project thought, written and produced by Tommaso Cartia and Daniela Pavan, Artistic Directors of Creative Pois-On, where prominent figures from the world of art, culture, and entertainment come together to reflect on the central value that art brings to humanity during the challenging times of the global pandemic emergency. And, in support of the global community of artists who are seeing all of their venues temporarily shutting down to safely prevent the spreading of the Corona Virus.

In this episode: NYC-based Award-winning Make-Up Artist Angela Valentino - @AngieValentinoNyc - who collaborates with prestigious fashion & beauty brands, including New York Fashion Week, Philippe Plein, Moncler, Bikkembergs, the one and only Donatella Versace. She transforms her face into living works of art and sends her positive resilient message to the global community of artists.
For more info on Angela Valentino please click here:

NYC-based Singer & Songwriter Hadiza Dockeray shares with us the raw emotion of her life's experience of the state of emergency in New York City when she struggled to reach a beloved one in need from her home to the other side of the city. And then she lifts our spirits with a performance of her original song "Truce".
For more info on Hadiza Dockeray please click here:

NYC-based Concert Pianist Chantal Balestri. The artist is also the President of the NY World Piano Teachers Association and Artistic Director of the Lunigiana International Music Festival. She shares her passion for her art, playing a piece with her beloved piano, and she also introduces one of her piano students.
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American Storyteller, Writer, Artist & Art Curator Sabrina Wirth, opens her home, her heart, and her art to us showing also how she is spending some of her quarantine's time repurposing fabric from former silk ties and bandanas to create Corona face masks. Sabrina is also the host of the #CreativityWillSaveUs podcast episodes.








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#CreativityWillSaveUs Series - Episode 6

#CreativityWillSaveUs Series - Episode 6

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