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Crunchy New Podcasts for Fall

Crunchy New Podcasts for Fall

Update: 2019-08-29


Trophy daughters, murderous fathers, a family-centric commune surviving on the fringes of society – we've got brand new podcasts to kick off the fall! Featuring: The Clearing – When April Balascio was 40 years old, something she'd feared for decades was finally proven true. Her father, Edward Wayne Edwards, really was a murderer. Fiasco – Podcaster Leon Nayfakh's follow-up to "Slow Burn", a Luminary exclusive, revisits the 2000 presidential election recount in Florida. Tai Asks Why – After seeing how his little brother interacts with ducks, Tai Poole asks "what are animals saying to each other?" He chats with Kathleen Dudzinski, director of the Dolphin Communication Project, about how we can learn about animal communication through observation. The Stakes – "Infinite scrolling. Push notifications. Autoplay. Our devices and apps were designed to keep us engaged and looking for as long as possible. There are scientists and behaviorists who work to make apps more addictive using the powers of persuasion." And one of the most well-known people in this field is a behavioural scientist named B.J. Fogg. In this clip, we learn how techniques discussed in on of Fogg's classes inspired the tech industry in all the wrong ways."
The Margaret Cho – Margaret chats with Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness about gender and "fake wokeness." Within the Wires – Returning with Season 4 on September 10th, "The Cradle" follows a Scandinavian mother and daughter as they attempt to build and lead a family-centric commune surviving on the fringes of society. The story is mostly told through tape recorded letters from the mother to her daughter. The Pit – What happened to Sheree Fertuck? CBC journalists Alicia Bridges and Victoria Dinh shed light on her disappearance which has served as a haunting example of how a person can seemingly vanish without a trace in the vast rural landscape of Saskatchewan.








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Crunchy New Podcasts for Fall

Crunchy New Podcasts for Fall