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Crypto tracker app – Blockfolio & Bit Worth

Crypto tracker app – Blockfolio & Bit Worth

Update: 2018-02-19


Why do you need a tracking app?  Why not just coinbase?

If you have several alts across different exchanges or have crypto in wallets instead of on a single exchange then you need a crypto tracker app.

There are several free options available

Most have IOS and Android version available

Coin Cap – Since 2016

Crypto Pro – Since 2016

HODL real-time cryptocurrency

Coin stats – If you have more than 5,000 in crypto they charge for using it

Blockfolio tracer app includes the following features for bitcoin and altcoin portfolios

Overview of crypto portfolio

    Percentage of holdings

    Total $$ holdings

    Price of crypto

    Portfolio without prices

Drill down into each crypto

    Price notifications

        Coinbase – not reliable


    Options for different timelines


    Delta change

    Detailed holdings

    Trading pairs

Comprehensive list of currencies

    Over 2,000

Supports several different fiat exchanges

Has News integrated

Are these apps good to use?  Is it safe?

I am personally not comfortable having all of this information available for some company to consume and most likely profit from it.  Unfortunately for the type of functionality giving up this information is the price you pay to use it.

How can I get around it?

Some people divide their investments by a certain number to make it look like you have smaller amounts than actual

Things I don’t like

Constantly refreshing the app.  This is a personal problem, but many others have the same issue

Prices on exchange are not the same as app – typically some discrepancy between the exchange and the app

Blockfolio had some scaling issues back in December.  Seem to have been resolved now









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Crypto tracker app – Blockfolio & Bit Worth

Crypto tracker app – Blockfolio & Bit Worth

Tony | Blockchain & Cryptocurrency enthusiast