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Curators are the new creators

Curators are the new creators

Update: 2020-09-12


Slush CEO Miika Huttunen talks about how to adapt to the new reality and change your business in 4 months, the relevance of esports & gaming and the future of business events. He also explores Second Reality and LAN-parties.

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Guest bio

Miika Huttunen is the CEO of Slush, a global movement with a mission to create and help founders. Formerly Miika acted as Chief Operating Officer at Slush. Huttunen is highly curious about everything related to gaming: computer graphics, esports, communities, and many others. Miika also has an extensive background in various volunteer communities like Slush, Assembly, Vaasa Entrepreneurship Society, and World Economic Forum's Global Shapers.


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Curators are the new creators

Curators are the new creators

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