DiscoverThe Rewind Movie PodcastDIE HARD (1988) - Episode 76
DIE HARD (1988) - Episode 76

DIE HARD (1988) - Episode 76

Update: 2021-12-15


Welcome To The Party, Pal! We’re crashing into December with 1988’s mega-influential multistorey multiplex mainstay DIE HARD. 

You all know the story by now - wiseass New York street cop John McClane (Bruce Willis), in an effort to save his flailing marriage, pops up at the L.A. office party of his high-flying executive wife Holly (Bonnie Bedelia) at the magnificent, unfinished Nakatomi Plaza, just in time for a gaggle of Euro thieves to turn this classy soiree in to a deadly hostage situation. Cue a seminal cat-and-mouse tale as the wily McClane scampers across the floors, elevator shafts and air vents of the building, taking out the villainous, charismatic Hans Gruber’s (Alan Rickman, in his movie debut) henchmen in an effort to thwart both his schemes, and the bumbling ‘rescue’ efforts of the authorities surrounding the building.

Gali, Devlin, Patrick and Matt try to maintain some semblance of objectivity as they discuss their history with this seasonal perennial, and try to diagnose how it alchemised to be such a strong template for a huge number of subsequent action movies to follow. And head over to for a phenomenal essay by Matt about the maestro of mayhem himself, director John McTeirnan.

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DIE HARD (1988) - Episode 76

DIE HARD (1988) - Episode 76