DiscoverPolitical ClimateDITCHED: Oil Companies Under Pressure
DITCHED: Oil Companies Under Pressure

DITCHED: Oil Companies Under Pressure

Update: 2020-11-23


A growing number of financial institutions are moving their investments from fossil fuels into less polluting projects and resources. So what do oil and gas companies make of this shift?

Some of them are waking up to the clean energy transition in response to investor pressure. But there are leaders and laggards when it comes to oil and gas companies and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There are also valid concerns about greenwashing. And yet, some of these firms are fundamentally reshaping the way that they do business.

In this episode, the latest in Political Climate’s special DITCHED series, we look at the pressures oil and gas companies are under to go low-carbon with Valentina Kretzschmar, vice president of corporate research at the research firm Wood Mackenzie.

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  • Earther: Maybe It's Time to Retire the Phrase 'Big Oil'
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  • Political Climate: Is There a Role for Oil and Gas in a Green Recovery?

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DITCHED: Oil Companies Under Pressure

DITCHED: Oil Companies Under Pressure