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Update: 2018-11-11


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The Making of Momma Dee with D'etta Owen | EP 83
D’Ette Owen is a servant of Jesus Christ cleverly disguised as a realtor with a real estate team, acoach with a handful of specialty hats, a trainer /speaker and a missionary wanna-be. She ismarried to a fabulous man, Fred, who saw a woman with three small boys as a woman with abonus package 24 years ago.D’Ette is the owner of Owen Home Group, a real estate team in Anchorage, Alaska as well asher new venture, Successfully Yours, a coaching company. Fred works the real estate teamwith D’Ette and they enjoy having their sons live nearby in Anchorage along with many of the18 or so children they have collected over the last 15 years and a growing slew ofgrandchildren.People have asked for years what compelled the Owens to open their doors to so many teens.While never a part of the foster program, there always seemed to be a couple of extra kids inthe house that stayed anywhere from a couple months to three or four years. D’Ette feltprompted to write the book, The Making of Momma Dee, for the myriad of children, bothbirthed and collected, to share with them a little of her own story of how that came to happen.She wanted to share the providence of God’s timing and plan. She wanted them to know thatthey affected her life as much as she affected theirs.D’Ette believes that everyone who is a follower of Jesus and still has breath in their lungs is inministry. Where you live, where you work and the people that God puts in your path are allyour mission field.
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Daily Spark is on Facebook

Daily Spark is on Facebook

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