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Daily Wire Backstage: "The Squad" Edition

Daily Wire Backstage: "The Squad" Edition

Update: 2019-07-1828


As President Trump and the Fresh-Face Squad battle it out over Twitter, who will be left standing in the end? Is Trump's online rhetoric part of an overall strategy or is it just a big mistake? Do these fights help or hurt his chances at a 2020 win?

Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing as they get to the bottom of these questions and more.
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These guys have got to leave room for the fact that trump may be better at political games than they can comprehend. Trumps tweet was absolutely outrageous, especially in this pc climate, but, duh, you don't think he knows that? He forced Pelosi to back them instead of shut them down which she was in the middle of doing. Anybody smart on the left knows they desperately need someone resembling normal to stand out, and trump just pushed the nut jobs back to the front! So awesome! These guys admit they didn't vote for trump and expect to be seen as savvy analysts? Come on guys, drop the elitism and find some humility so you can better analyze.

Jul 23rd
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This episode reminded me of how Klavan apparently has not read the Bible. I wonder why he calls himself a Christian if he does not hold to the beliefs Jesus himself held.

Jul 20th


Rashida Talib is physically atrocious. Ugly doesn't cover it.

Jul 19th


I can't believe they referenced home star runner, lol!

Jul 18th
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I am a woman and I absolutely abhor this gender crap. White & black men have contributed the most of all to the human race! There is plenty of room for women of course, but you don't need to denigrate men in the process. I was an automotive engineer for many years. I was the only woman working with all guys and they were wonderful to me, especially the older ones. Complainers should create and invent their own things. They don't need to try to steal from someone else because they feel cheated. It's very childish & so off-putting. It seemed to gain steam under Obama along with class warfare blah blah blah

Jul 18th
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Geo wise

I love listening to you guys, and I also love listening to the far left. You are all so fucking ridiculous! I wish you could all sit in the middle for a few moments so that you could see just how stupid both parties sound.

Jul 18th
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Stephen Swayze

I GREW UP ON TEEN GIRL SQUAD!!!!! I'm only 19 but my older brother showed me it

Jul 18th
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John Moore

WOOOOO! That was a good sparring match! If there's one thing I know from JRE and other MMA podcasts it's that styles make fights. Drew's got that wise intellectual elder thing going on, but if there's one thing Ben can do better than anyone it's defining his opposition before they can define themselves. That's what happens when a lawyer debates an author. Good match and everyone is still friends 👏😎

Jul 18th
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Daily Wire Backstage: "The Squad" Edition

Daily Wire Backstage: "The Squad" Edition

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