Dairy in New York

Dairy in New York

Update: 2020-04-06


Dairy is the largest sector of New York’s agriculture industry. Not only do we produce a lot of milk, but we also process a large amount of our favorite dairy products – including cream cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, and cheese.

You will meet Paul Molesky, the Operations Manager for Allenwaite Dairy in Schaghticoke, NY. While also running his home beef cattle operation, Paul can be found in the milking parlor or barns of Allenwaite, interacting with his diverse workforce. With his ability to speak Spanish fluently, he is easily able to communicate with his employees from Mexico, and the staff they hire locally. You will enjoy learning about his path from wanting to be a veterinarian, to finding his passion in the dairy industry, to serving in a national-level leadership role in an agriculture organization.

In this episode you will also meet Brianne Willson, a 5th grade math teacher at Camden Middle School and co-owner of her family’s dairy farm, By-Design Farms. Listen as Brianne talks about how she gets her students engaged with dairy, and encourages them to ask her questions. She also works hard to make sure that her students understand any inaccuracies they see in their schoolwork or from the outside world. She also shares how her dairy farm is a little different than some you will find. You can follow Brianne’s farm on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ByDesignFarms/) or Instagram (www.instagram.com/ByDesignFarms), you will enjoy all the content she shares of her farm and family!

This podcast is hosted by the Iowa Agriculture Literacy Foundation (www.iowaagliteracy.org), and New York Agriculture in the Classroom (www.agclassroom.org/ny).

Show Notes and Credits:
Hosted by Katie Carpenter.
Edited by Sarah Peavey.

Thanks to our guests Paul Molesky and Brianne Willson.

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Dairy in New York

Dairy in New York

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