DiscoverPOWER to Live More with Jo DoddsDale Darley: Building a Brand Through Creative Self-Expression
Dale Darley: Building a Brand Through Creative Self-Expression

Dale Darley: Building a Brand Through Creative Self-Expression

Update: 2022-06-10


Dale Darley

Dale Darley knows every writer’s struggle to put out a good book. That’s why she operates as a business coach and mentor to help her clients translate their ideas into actual written work, while establishing themselves as brands and building their businesses.

She is also a crystal therapy and nutritional healing practitioner, which aligns with her approach to coaching: that all it takes is clarity of direction and the confidence to create content for her clients to find success and fulfillment.  

Dale joins me today to discuss her interesting career path, and how she attained professional success, even after getting expelled from school.

She shares her method in providing coaching services to clients and discusses how she was able to harness the lessons she had learned from her previous careers to do really well as a business and writing mentor.

She shares the value of journalling and how it helped her get through the toughest days. She also discusses the reason she is so conscious about health and fitness as well as how she applies a thorough approach to research and learning. 

“A book is such a fantastic vehicle for getting a message out, raising visibility, and creating a brand.”

Dale Darley 

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • How Dale helps her clients create high-quality content and establish their brand. 
  • The unexpected circumstances that brought her to where she currently lives and operates her business. 
  • How she went from being expelled from school to winning at life and helping others do the same. 
  • The way her various experiences across different career paths came together in the most beautiful way possible. 
  • Her step-by-step process in coaching and assisting her clients. 
  • Her secrets in establishing balance in her life and managing her energy well. 
  • Why she takes frequent, well-spaced breaks, and how she practises effective time management. 
  • The different kinds of journalling and how she employs all of them. 
  • How journalling and writing a book while ill helped her realise that she could “heal” herself. 
  • Why she prefers having integrated apps. 
  • Her radical approach to health and fitness and how she became so health-conscious. 
  • Her preferred approach to business learning and researching solutions. 
  • How she deals with difficult days. 
  • Her simple idea of a day during which she gets to ‘live more’. 

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Dale Darley: Building a Brand Through Creative Self-Expression

Dale Darley: Building a Brand Through Creative Self-Expression

Jo Dodds