DiscoverSing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Damon Wayans Jr, Actor/Comedian & Kris Jones
Damon Wayans Jr, Actor/Comedian & Kris Jones

Damon Wayans Jr, Actor/Comedian & Kris Jones

Update: 2019-05-30


I recently attended Collision, North America’s fastest growing tech conference now making Toronto home for the next few years. As media I had the opportunity to be a part of some press conferences and Q&A’s featuring talent such as mega producer Timbaland, global superstar Akon, Christopher Leacock aka Jillionaire from Major Lazer, and actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who will all be on upcoming episodes.

They are all involved in various tech companies that you will hear about soon, but I decided to begin with actor comedian Damon Wayans Jr. and his business partner Kristopher Jones because their Special Guest App will interest all you performing artists.

Damon is known for acting roles in shows Happy Endings, New Girl and various movies and as part of the legendary comedy family the Wayans.

Damon was saying that he was frustrated seeing a lot of his performer friends struggling to make a living because the traditional talent booking process is so difficult. He wanted to provide a platform that made it easier for talented people who were underrepresented to find work.

Special Guest is 100% FREE for Talent. You get 100% of your booking rate. They are the world’s largest talent buyer and get paid by bars, restaurants, clubs, private parties, corporations, and other event planners to book talent.

As this was a public Q&A I wasn’t the one asking the questions, however, I will pop in a few times to explain what the question was that was asked. I didn’t want to use anyone’s name or voice without permission so I cut them out except for Sharon Fletcher from Blacks Inspire and and Melissa Rolston from Breaking the Stigma who both received great feedback from Damon, Kris and the audience for their hustle.

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Damon Wayans Jr, Actor/Comedian & Kris Jones

Damon Wayans Jr, Actor/Comedian & Kris Jones

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