DiscoverMy Perfect FailureDan Rook & The Birth of Chash Tea
Dan Rook & The Birth of Chash Tea

Dan Rook & The Birth of Chash Tea

Update: 2020-10-11


MPF Discussion with Dan Rook

Dan Rook & The Birth of Chash Tea

Working in national newspapers, He first wondered why newspapers were considered poor value for money, yet people would pay a higher price for a cup of coffee. Despite this changing marketplace, with the growing trend for quality food and drink that was well-sourced, it was confusing to him that tea – our National drink – was not part of this shift towards quality!

Curious that Better Tea must exist, He decided to find out. Industry reports from the British Library at an as yet untapped demand for ‘speciality’ teas. So, after weekends in shopping centres quizzing everyone with a coffee cup in their hand (Qu.1: What about

 On this episode of My Perfect Failure (The Birth of Chash Tea) Dan takes us on a Journey, describing his decision to leave a safe and comfortable career working in the national newspaper industry for one of UK’s biggest publishers.  Dan’s burning desire to find career and personal satisfaction led him into the untapped world of Specialist Tea.

 Dan eloquently describes his decision to leave a safe career and the challenge of educating people that access to real quality Tea was now available at Chash Tea.  You will learn from Dan’s story that you too can transition successfully into a new career.  Some of the areas we cover.


·         Pivoting to a brand-new career: All roads leading to Chash Tea

·         Finding an Industry Ripe for Growth

·         Transitioning to an industry to improve people lives

·         Dan discusses starting his new career from scratch and working his way up


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Dan Rook & The Birth of Chash Tea

Dan Rook & The Birth of Chash Tea

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