DiscoverAzure DevOps PodcastDaniel Roth: Blazor Futures - Episode 204
Daniel Roth: Blazor Futures - Episode 204

Daniel Roth: Blazor Futures - Episode 204

Update: 2022-08-01


Daniel Roth is a principal product manager on the ASP.NET team working on ASP.NET Core, Blazor, and other web features. He has previously worked on various parts of .NET, including System.Net, WCF, XAML, and ASP.NET. His passions include building frameworks for modern Web frameworks that are simple and easy to use.


Topics of Discussion:

[2:45 ] Daniel talks about the high points of his career that led him to the ASP.NET team, along with a few changes he has seen in the industry, along the way.

[6:25 ] The developer ecosystems have been opened up.

[7:40 ] Daniel talks about Blazor Hybrid.

[9:43 ]  If you have a web app, and you want to just reuse that UI within a native client app, you can have a common set of Blazor components that are used across both.

[10:28 ] Daniel talks about .NET 7 and how they are taking it to the next level.

[14:46 ] The Blazor Native Experiment is available through a project called the Mobile Blazor Bindings Project.

[24:03 ] Jeffrey asks Daniel about his favorite ways that people should be testing the UI level of Blazor Applications.

[27:03 ] What people should be expecting in the next year.

[34:16 ] Tooling and debugging is an area we can continue to actively invest in.


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Daniel Roth: Blazor Futures - Episode 204

Daniel Roth: Blazor Futures - Episode 204

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