DiscoverThe Jason Cavness ExperienceDaniel Spener - Cofounder Saluz
Daniel Spener - Cofounder Saluz

Daniel Spener - Cofounder Saluz

Update: 2022-07-03


On this episode of The Jason Cavness Experience I talk to Daniel Spencer - Cofounder Saluz Below is a few of the subjects we talk about The importance of health and fitness Flexibility and movement Saluz Psychedelics Daniel’s Bio I am from Silicon Valley. I have been interested in health and wellness for over 20 years. My health/fitness exploration has brought me to explore unconventional types of training and lifestyle. When I was working in the corporate world it became very apparent that an environment like that was not natural for me. I had to implement a practice that kept my body feeling good after long days working at the desk. I found myself eating lunch outside and taking my shoes off just so I could disconnect from the desk life and live a life more connected to the natural one. Once 5:30 struck I would run to the park shoeless and shirtless and climb trees and explore the natural environment. The vibrancy and vitality I felt was something that nourished my soul. This practice was so strong in my life that it led to shift my life completely around. 6 years ago I moved to Mexico to lead/host retreats with the goal to inspire people to Travel + Train. I wanted to share the vitality and aliveness I feel each time I take my shoes off or take a walk in nature. I didn't have a strong network to market my experiences to so that led me into learning more about media and photography. I needed to tell the story and share the potential experiences that are waiting for people when they invest in the Travel + Train program I had waiting for them. In this process I started a media company, worked for an environmental company telling stories of environmental passion with my business partner Darrin Polischuk. We realized there is a deep disconnection of the human body/mind and environment. I had been studying natural medicine for over 10 years and noticed every time I took the products or shared them with others that they just felt better. Which led me to start my own business of Saluz connecting our products of gifts from nature to as many people as possible. Saluz is the vehicle we created to help connect my passion for movement and nutritional abundance from nature to as many people as possible. I moved back from Mexico to the states to launch my company and to build the foundation for the success of the business. This next chapter is about telling our story and to bring awareness that our products are available to help those that are ready, to feel their best and support their body with nature's nutritional and medicinal abundance. Dan’s Social Media Daniel’s LinkedIn: Daniel’s Instagram: Saluz Instagram: Saluz Website: Saluz FB: Saluz YouTube: Dan’s Gift Listeners of The Jason Cavness Experience will receive 20% off their first purchase. Use the code cavness20 or just reach out to Daniel.
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Daniel Spener - Cofounder Saluz

Daniel Spener - Cofounder Saluz