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Danielle Macleod: Unlocking Your Remarkable Potential

Danielle Macleod: Unlocking Your Remarkable Potential

Update: 2023-03-03


Danielle Macleod

Danielle Macleod is the co-founder of Remarkable Women, an organisation that offers development programmes and life coaching to help women unlock their exceptional potential.

Turning her back on a successful corporate career two years ago, she is now a published author and businesswoman, having published her first book “Remarkably Easy” in December 2018.

As believers in heart-centered leadership, Danielle and her business partner Nic Devlin are guided by a single mantra: “What if this was easy?” 

Danielle joins me today to discuss what made her decide to leave behind her career in the corporate world and establish her own business. She shares her experiences in becoming business partners with her close friend, how their skills and attitudes are complementary, and the ground rules they set in order to be able to work efficiently.

She shares the ups and downs of running her own business, the interesting lessons she has learned along the way, and how she starts her day with writing. She also discusses her newly published book, what it’s really all about, and how it reflects her own personality. 

“You want to explore your deepest dreams.”

Danielle Macleod

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • Danielle’s purpose and mission with Remarkable Women. 

  • A valuable lesson she learned from running her own business. 

  • Her former career and why she decided to focus on empowering women.

  • How things fell into place for her and her co-founder, Nic Devlin, to establish their own business. 

  • How her and Nic’s strengths are complementary, and how they established a balanced working relationship despite being good friends. 

  • The perks and challenges in running your own business, especially in Danielle’s chosen niche. 

  • What she misses about her old career. 

  • The concept of “ruthless pruning,” and how it helps them work more efficiently. 

  • Why Danielle and Nic rebranded their business from Somebody Inside to Remarkable Women, despite the fact that it was doing well as it was.

  • The concept of the “big hunger” to have meaning and purpose. 

  • Her interesting experiences during a three-day intensive training in London, and a few valuable lessons she learned there. 

  • The story behind her hashtag, #tmrwis (which stands for The Most Remarkable Woman in Scotland). 

  • Journalling as her “absolutely non-negotiable” morning routine. 

  • The four questions she answers every morning. 

  • Her daily habits to improve her health and fitness. 

  • Her book and how her writing style successfully captured her personality. 

  • What she really wants to communicate through her book. 

  • How Danielle deals with days when everything goes wrong. 

  • How she describes a day when she gets to “live more.” 

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Danielle Macleod: Unlocking Your Remarkable Potential

Danielle Macleod: Unlocking Your Remarkable Potential

Jo Dodds