DiscoverEasy PreyDating Scams - What Are the Warning Signs? with Joe Eweka
Dating Scams -  What Are the Warning Signs? with Joe Eweka

Dating Scams - What Are the Warning Signs? with Joe Eweka

Update: 2022-02-09


In today’s society, online dating is common. But what are the warning signs that you may be targeted by a scammer? Today’s guest is Joe Eweka. Joe is a criminal justice professional, security management specialist, project management professional, and the author of the book Confessions of a Lonely Lover: An Exploration of Online Dating Scams.

Show Notes:

  • [0:40 ] - Joe shares his background as originally from Nigeria and attending college and graduate school in criminal justice and law in the United States.
  • [3:13 ] - Because of being long distance, Joe joined a social network to be able to better communicate with his brother and found himself in a scam.
  • [5:16 ] - Catfishing is another term for romance scams and Joe says they are the most dangerous.
  • [6:33 ] - One red flag is that the person you are speaking with tries to take your conversation off a dating app.
  • [8:13 ] - Scammers lie a lot and work in teams. Sometimes you may catch inconsistencies.
  • [9:00 ] - Watch the profile photo as well. If things look too good to be true, they probably are.
  • [10:20 ] - Be suspicious if you cannot find anything at all about a person.
  • [11:28 ] - Scammers often used borrowed text. Copy the suspicious text and paste it in a Google search.
  • [13:06 ] - Scammers avoid video calls.
  • [14:28 ] - Deep fake technology exists but is not commonplace in dating scams yet.
  • [15:35 ] - Strange steps in the process like money orders, money transfers, and the purchase of several gift cards are major red flags.
  • [16:34 ] - Do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know on social media and never send money to them.
  • [17:47 ] - Joe advises using a computer to check links because you can hover your cursor over it to see the URL before you click. You cannot do this on a phone.
  • [18:50 ] - Don’t assume that because you are the one to make the first contact that they are not a scammer.
  • [20:03 ] - If you use a dating app, limit your communication to just the app.
  • [22:10 ] - Do not rush and be sure to ask a lot of questions. Cut off all communication with anyone who seems suspicious.
  • [23:30 ] - If you are meeting someone in person, you should always meet in a public place and with other people you know.
  • [24:42 ] - Never go to another country to meet someone in person who you have never met before.
  • [26:35 ] - Always report scammers.

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Dating Scams -  What Are the Warning Signs? with Joe Eweka

Dating Scams - What Are the Warning Signs? with Joe Eweka

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