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David Whyte on The Art of Poetry and Prose

David Whyte on The Art of Poetry and Prose

Update: 2022-06-211


David Whyte is a poet and author who also leads the Many Rivers Organization and Invitas, the Institute for Conversational Leadership, which he founded in 2014. David is the author of many poetry collection and prose books, including his newest book, Still Possible

In this episode, Eric and David discuss several of David’s beautiful poems from his latest collection, as well as some of his older work.

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David Whyte and I Discuss The Art of Poetry and Prose and…

  • His book, Still Possible

  • His poem, Your Prayer

  • The metaphor of a doorway, and how it can be a barrier or an opening in your life

  • Beautiful forgetting and how we can get out of and then into ourselves

  • How depression is a form of stuckness

  • Asking yourself how invitational you are to the people in your life

  • His book, The Three Marriages

  • How poetry is the art of saying things you didn’t know you knew

  • His poem, The Road to Santiago

  • How our reluctances are doorways to connection to other people

  • Anxiety and how it is a kind of staticness

  • How not knowing is great intimacy

  • The importance of silence and rest

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David Whyte on The Art of Poetry and Prose

David Whyte on The Art of Poetry and Prose