DiscoverA Date With DatelineDeadly Denial S.22 Ep.32
Deadly Denial S.22 Ep.32

Deadly Denial S.22 Ep.32

Update: 2020-01-304


Friday's Dateline was push for a hockey game, so Kimberly picked an oldie but a goodie where Sir Josh Mankiewicz of Pocketsquaredom visits another kind of indoor sports arena to get some answers! A late night soccer game, a shiny coin, a mysterious unlocked car and a man named after a poem (or drag queen) are just a few of the talking points Kimberly & Katie will need to discuss in this very special episode. Also...a conflict arises as Sir Manky makes an extremely clever play on word that leaves one K delighted and the other K... well, grumpy. Get comfortable, because this Dateline could be, to "coin" a phrase, a little tricky to make heads or tails of. Please enjoy this very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline!

Official Description from NBCU: When Raven Abaroa comes home to find his wife stabbed to death, detectives began digging into the couple's complicated past. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

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Deadly Denial S.22 Ep.32

Deadly Denial S.22 Ep.32

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