Deadly Desire

Deadly Desire

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In this Dateline classic, after a Idaho woman falls in love with her married boss, the affair leads to a violent confrontation. Keith Morrison reports. Originally aired on NBC on May 3, 2013.

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I don't buy it. Rob intended to shoot the guy. Yes the guy was an ass. Yes he was younger and stronger. But Rob intended to even the odds by taking a gun there. The grazing shot to the head? That definitely was not an attempt at suicide that was to make it look like he was being shot at. Also I call bullshit that if he'd hadn't had his gun people would have said he should have had one. People would never have said, "You know the man you looked for and confronted at 10 pm at night of having an affair with your wife? You should've taken your gun with you for protecting yourself against the consequences of your own aggression, should he try to beat you up for your ballsy move." Nope. People would say what they're saying now: ylRob should have stayed at home and handled his problems with his wife without a gun. If Rob wanted to stop the guy, why not shoot him in the kneecap? But aiming for his heart and his head at close range? Yeah, not buying it. And the whiny thief of a wife? Rob is all she has left that makes her feel good about herself...he killed for her love. Of course she will lie for him. They can both get outta here with thei lies. I'm reserving 100% of my sympathy for Ashley and her little kids.

Aug 13th
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Deadly Desire

Deadly Desire