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Dealing with Body Image & Disorderly Eating

Dealing with Body Image & Disorderly Eating

Update: 2019-11-0220


This week, I’m cracking open a topic close to my heart and sharing my struggle over the years with body image and a toxic relationship with food. Covering everything from how it all started to how I learned to heal, this episode gets real and raw. Grab a big mug, as this is a long one.

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Edita Liachovic

Very straight podcast. I have been struggling with the same problem over the year and still trying to get out of the tight circle with the help of dietitian and psychologist. Everything told her is so true, I think people shall speak about it louder. We usually hear about anorexia and bulimia, when the illness is officially stated. At start, I personally was ashamed to speak loudly about my eating struggles, because I felt that I exaggerated it. However it got worse and worse. I lost a lot some weight in a short time. However my mental being has been effected most. Even now most of my minds are about food, even though I have a eating plan from dietitian. I guess I am still on the way in finding normal relationship with food which I have lost in a quite short time. It takes more time that I have every thought. Thank you Kalyn for sharing your experience! I can see now, that there is more people struggling with the same thing. It reminds me, that you can not live when you are starving and thinking only about food!

Nov 4th

Moe F

Thank you so much for your raw honesty here 🧡 I listened to this while walking my dog and it gave me goosebumps every now and then because you took me back to a place that I am SO thankful to have left behind. It is hard to unlearn the unhealthy patterns and to leave behind the guilt and shame that come with it, but it is doable! Time and age thankfully do make us wiser I believe, so all the best and love & light to you, and again, thank you! 🙏🦋

Nov 3rd








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Dealing with Body Image & Disorderly Eating

Dealing with Body Image & Disorderly Eating