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December 19: The Lion

December 19: The Lion

Update: 2021-12-19


Daniel 6:6-23

I wonder how Daniel felt when he heard the king’s new law? The Bible doesn’t tell us: I wonder if he was afraid when he went up to pray? Or I wonder if he loved coming close to God so much that he couldn’t imagine changing his ways?

I wonder if I have a practice of coming close to God? Or I wonder if I find it hard, or scary, or boring to try to pray? Can I talk to God about that? Can I trust that all of my words to God are prayer, and that God loves to hear them?

I wonder what the pit with the lions looked like inside? I wonder what it smelled like? I wonder what Daniel felt as he was lowered into it?

I wonder how the messenger from God appeared to Daniel? I wonder what it was like to spend the night close to those lions, after their mouths had been shut? I wonder what Daniel said to God?

Can I believe that the God who was with Daniel is the same God who is close to me right now? Can I trust that this God is still faithful and will come to save? As we continue to wait in Advent, what do I want to say to God?

Living God, you deliver and rescue your people. Help us to tell others about the ways you have delivered and rescued us, so that they will honor and trust you too.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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December 19: The Lion

December 19: The Lion

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