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December 21: The Angel

December 21: The Angel

Update: 2021-12-21


Luke 1:5-17

Today’s symbol is the angel who appeared to Zechariah. The angel told Zechariah that although he and his wife Elizabeth were old, they would have a child. This child would help God’s people get ready for the coming king.

I wonder what it was like to see Zechariah’s incense smoke going up like a prayer, and then to see God’s messenger appear? Can I imagine that moment in that holy place?

I wonder how Zechariah and Elizabeth got ready for the birth of their baby? I wonder how it felt to know their child had an important job from God?

I wonder why John was given such an important job? I wonder why we have to have someone help us get ready for Jesus?

I wonder how Advent this year has helped me get ready for Jesus’ coming? Is there anything I want to tell Jesus about my hope and waiting?

Can I say thank you to God for coming to us gently, and helping us get ready to welcome him?

God you want us to be ready, and you give us what we need to prepare for your coming. You sent John the Baptist to help Israel get ready for the coming king. Prepare us by your Holy Spirit for your coming Son. Turn our hearts back to you, give us light, and guide our feet in the ways of peace.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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December 21: The Angel

December 21: The Angel

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