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December 7: Jacob's Ladder

December 7: Jacob's Ladder

Update: 2021-12-07


Genesis 27:18-35

Today’s symbol shows Jacob’s ladder. God came close to Jacob, even when Jacob ran away.

I wonder how Jacob felt, as he pretended to be his brother and stole Esau’s blessing? I wonder if he was nervous? Triumphant? Afraid of being caught?

I wonder, have I ever wanted something good that belonged to someone else? What does that feel like on the inside? Is there anything I want to say to God about that feeling?

I wonder, has someone else ever taken something good that should have been mine? How did I feel on the inside? How did I act on the outside? Is there anything I want to say to God about that time?

Esau was so angry with his brother that Jacob had to run away and hide. I wonder, have I ever felt like hiding or running away because of something I have done?

When Jacob was running away from his family, God’s blessing went with him. I wonder, can I trust that God is always close to me, even when I feel like running or hiding? Can I tell God thank you for never, ever letting me go?

I wonder if there are times when it feels like the wrong person is getting a blessing. I wonder if sometimes I think I don’t deserve God’s blessing? Can I believe that in Advent, we are waiting for Jesus to come and find everyone who has done wrong and tried to run away?

Ever-present God, you never leave us alone. You remind us, over and over again, that we are a part of your family and that your promises are for us, no matter what we do. Thank you that we belong to you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

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December 7: Jacob's Ladder

December 7: Jacob's Ladder

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