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Deck Medic and Benetrends Financial on Franchise Business Radio

Deck Medic and Benetrends Financial on Franchise Business Radio

Update: 2020-09-12


Deck Medic and Benetrends Financial on Franchise Business Radio

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Jeff Konopack, VP Franchise Development
Deck Medic, Inc.

I joined the Deck Medic team back in 2008 after owning a painting company for 20 years. Deck Medic has been in the outdoor wood restoration business since 1990. After running the old company for a few years it occurred to me that the best way for us to grow was going to be through franchising. Employees care about their check in two weeks, owners care about the customer calling us back for a maintenance coat in 2 years.

In 2012 we decided to turn Deck Medic into a franchise, it took a few years and a name change from Deck Bright to Deck Medic because of trademarks but in 2016 we started franchising. I am not only the VP of Franchise Development but an original franchise owner myself. We currently only have 14 franchises but have 3 more scheduled to join us next year already and hopefully we will have a few more sign up this fall for next spring.

Although we are “Deck Medic” we clean and stain more than just decks, we also protect Fences, Play Sets, Gazebo’s, Pergola’s and all outdoor wood surfaces. In addition we offer power washing service for concrete, paver patios, and house exteriors. Our wood repair options range from one board to a full re-deck.

Most of our customers are homeowners but we also handle a lot of condo and town home associations. With everyone sequestered at home this year we have been especially busy with most of the franchise owners already surpassing last year’s numbers.

I would say what has been most interesting since we became a franchise is dealing with the Covid19 issues. In the past we used to always print the quotes up in the customers driveway then present it to them at the kitchen table while we were there. This year we had to switch to more email quotes and early in the year while everything was still an unknown I would talk to the customer on the phone while I was on the deck and they were looking at me out a bedroom window.

One of the best things about the deck restoration business is that it is not only recession proof (we did well in 2008 as well) but apparently pandemic proof as well. In a normal year most franchises have more work than they can handle but this year we have all be busier than ever.

One of the unique things about Deck Medic is that in addition to the 30 years we have been in business and the training each franchise owner gets is that we have all of our own proprietary products. Our deck cleaners give our owners a competitive edge over the competition and since we make our own 100% oil based stain when the customer is ready for the maintenance coat in a few years there is only one place they can go to have that done, back to the local franchise owner.

Our typical franchise owner is someone who is a people person, they have to be able to communicate well with the white collar homeowners as well as our blue collar workers. They must like the outdoors and not be afraid to get their hands dirty. They have to be able to wear all the hats; estimating using our software, selling, scheduling, payroll, hiring & training, and billing.

One of the things I like about being a small franchise is that I get to know all the owners, their businesses and their employees intimately.


Tell us about Deck Medic? What is it you do and what is the history of how Deck Medic was founded?
Why did you decide to franchise?
Who is the typical end-customer for a Deck Medic franchisee? Is there a specific market or demographic that is ideal for a franchisee?
What makes Deck Medic unique?
How did you as the Franchisor and your Franchisees manage to COVID19?
What is the typical profile of a franchisee?
What is the estimated investment range (Item 7 in the FDD)?

Larry Carnell, Vice President of Development

Benetrends Financial, Inc.

Larry Carnell processes over three combined decades of award winning franchising and business ownership, managerial, development and advisory expertise. He has helped thousands buy, sell, fund, manage and strategically exit their businesses. Carnell is a recipient of international and national awards including an entrepreneur of the year award. He has been a frequent speaker, instructor and trainer for numerous organizations including universities and associations and their respective seminars, and conferences. Carnell has authored numerous articles on business, business development and other subjects. He is a recognized subject matter expert on Rollovers for Business Startups (ROBS) and funding and is credited with helping to introduce ROBS nationally to the first franchise and business broker acquisition.

He is a recipient of several certifications/designations including Certified Franchise Executive, Certified Business Intermediary, Accredited Business Intermediary, Certified Franchise Broker and other certifications. LinkedIn lists him as a worldwide “Top Recommended Professional”.

In addition to his current position, Carnell has served in various executive and other roles with companies and advisory firms as a Founder, Senior Vice President, Regional manager, National Trainer and more. He holds a BBA degree in business from the University of Memphis.

In light of growing funding challenges working with a business and funding expert can help one avoid costly Mistakes. Larry looks forward to helping you live your dream of business ownership.

Former NAE "Entrepreneur of the Year" recipient
International and national award winning franchise expert and speaker
Fortune Magazine "TOP 100 Most Admired Company' award winning advisor and national trainer
Recognized as Mr. ROBS - The person who helped to first introduce retirement asset funding to the business and franchise community decades ago. Nationally recognized Subject matter Expert, lecturer and speaker
Larry has helped over 10,000 people buy, sell, & design exit strategies for businesses.
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Deck Medic and Benetrends Financial on Franchise Business Radio

Deck Medic and Benetrends Financial on Franchise Business Radio

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