DiscoverFind The MagicDeep Dive Into Independent Play With Emily Lawson
Deep Dive Into Independent Play With Emily Lawson

Deep Dive Into Independent Play With Emily Lawson

Update: 2021-07-05


It is exhausting when we feel like we must entertain our children for every moment of their lives. Not only is it draining, but it allows us no time to actually get things done or care for ourselves. Luckily for us, kids instinctively know now to play independently if we give them the space they need to develop this skill. It allows them to be creative, use their imagination, and problem solve.

In this episode, Taralyn interviews Emily Lawson, a certified early education teacher and founder of the Sandbox Academy, about independent play. She has several concrete tips on how to actually free yourself and your kids through independent play. Her formula is: establish a routine that includes daily independent play your kids learn to expect, have special toys that only come out during independent play, start with small chunks of time, and go outside into nature.

You can find Emily’s website and program here:

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Jess Dustin 6.28.21

Best of the best!

I’ve listened to this podcast from day one and obsessively check my podcast feed every Monday to see what the new episode is. Episodes are always exactly what I need to hear. They give concrete tips and ideas for a more wholehearted life and do it without making you feel guilty or like you need to change. Their views on parenting speak right to my heart and I am so grateful for the work they put into their thoughts every week. They’re changing my family one episode at a time.


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Deep Dive Into Independent Play With Emily Lawson

Deep Dive Into Independent Play With Emily Lawson

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