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Deep Tech 101 with James Sinka

Deep Tech 101 with James Sinka

Update: 2021-11-29


This week, we are joined in the Deep End by James Sinka - cofounder of On Deck’s Deep Tech program. 

Some of our past Deep End guests (and many On Deck fellows) are working at the bleeding edge of technology. So far, we’ve talked to founders of biotech companies, space manufacturers, and more.

Deep Tech is a category of innovation that exists at the intersection of many different fields under the technology umbrella. Modern advancements in computer infrastructure enable new sophisticated methods of tackling tough problems in the world of atoms.

James Sinka joins the show to share how world-class scientists, card-carrying PHDs and engineers can commercialize their deep knowledge in hyper-specific fields to unlock vibrant futures for humanity.

The sophistication of some of these tough technologies might sometimes be thought of as miraculous. If we can master protein folding, for example, we might be able to revolutionize drug design and otherwise heal cells with more ease than we might have ever imagined.

Of course, common modern technologies like the iPhone or X-Rays were also deep tech miracles when they were first created.

This conversation provides a broad overview of Deep Tech, and examples of how interdisciplinary application of advanced technology can go to market. To learn more about On Deck’s Deep Tech program, visit









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Deep Tech 101 with James Sinka

Deep Tech 101 with James Sinka

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