DiscoverGangstalkers of America; a TI's lifeDefinition of Noble, brief 11 minute podcast update on gang stalking
Definition of Noble, brief 11 minute podcast update on gang stalking

Definition of Noble, brief 11 minute podcast update on gang stalking

Update: 2021-04-23


Have you seen Kirk Wilhite Jr. from Columbus Ohio ? He was supposed to be released in October 2018. But was kidnapped from prison by people posing as federal agents he’s been missing since October and they are a serious cyber terrorist group guilty of rape,murder, and kidnapping, as well as the man in the middle attacks,the attack on the Pentagon Aol Time Warner Verizon all of the telecommunications companies and every other business in the world. Guilty of data and money Skimming from all credit card merchant accounts using translucent code. they have access to anything and everything everywhere Especially digital information. Police reports, insurance records, medical records, etc they’re huge with bitcoinn and cryptocurrency’s and plan on breaking the financial markets of the world the real estate friend but it’s a fraud bank fraud check fraud kind of fitting and everything else gay mafia Terrorist cell

Released April 22, 2021 to #gangstalkers #gaymafiaterroristcell
Release the people you have under hypnosis, do not tell them to drop down do not drop anybody you need to release your control over them they are United States citizens and they did not approve of it and less they were under the rest Hipnosis or you did take over their heads and have some houses either buddy at the time of your video recording when I did what I did because you said what you said did that you did and prove that you proved about everything you were doing Wayback win and it was all written down in the book the notebook when I zoomed as crazy as it sounds present of the nice states of America at large fusion what you’re doing to the president vice president 26 staff and everybody else in the military command and in charge of can’t get a hold of the US government can’t speak to anybody in US government can’t get help from the police FBI military anybody else at this current time in order to protect democracy nice set of American restore to what it should be and protect the countries of the world in the military to the governments and citizens everywhere I wrote what should happen to you if you did not CC racist and surrender then you should be....
Let’s go to the 23C Museum Hotel and see what kind of cellular towers they have on their roof shall we I think That’s a really really really good idea I do jacked project car for three hotel project Garfield suites and hotel

Set him up with somebody.... who is him?,who just got hit in the face? Who’s getting tied up right now? Federal government needs to get involved right now the United States government US military rather fucking goddamn acronym in the world is to get involved now now now now now now now now
Whoever I swear to God you bunch of bitches you’re a bunch of motherfucking low life pieces of shit you act like certain people are the problem yet there’s certain other people or wherever the fuck they are you are tell me the fucking goddamn truth is entire fucking time I’m Senear tell you the truth because I got nothing else I can do I can’t do anything besides tell you the facts of what’s going on what’s been said. And every time somebody gets punched or hurt or raped or sold or kicked or bold or anything like that it’s always somebody who really doesn’t deserve to be the one we picked him kicked so they’re smart ass I would be a smart ass and be a fucking prick myself you can tell the truth because I can’t tell you that was as the truth is the truth that you guys forced me to listen to and forced into me and this entire time is perks it is it cricket nothing to do with it to Kenneth Kirk WiIhite Junior had nothing to do with it and nothing to do with it had nothing to do with it you guys kept saying that over and over and over again and over and over and over againAnd everybody’s basing what it seems like everybody’s basing their hatred and being pissed off at him in the first place on is a bunch of fucking lies in the first place what it seems sitting here from the outside it really sucks but that’s what it seems like and I’m not here to debate it argue about it or listen to it anymore fucking Christ and the fact that you’re recording over top of the audio tracks in your video tracks to cover up what you’re actually saying or doing to people it’s kind of a douche bag thing to do you dumb prick what kind of fucking person are you will people be scared of you and everything else bitch but then don’t give up your shit makes you a fucking goddamn pile of shit real good bastard bitch makes a fucking coward makes you a pussy you wanna do all the steps that don’t record over it record of it don’t record over record
You piece of shut bastards I hate you you make me look like a selfish worthless sob.. I’m not you. Fucking missed my dad bdayzzz .... he’s going to be dead and so is eberyone else
I DO NOT WANT YOU IN MY life... you kill me you’re murderersnyour Attorney’s coveting itcuo and lying.. Sam smanckys is coveting it up and am liar too I guess. Less than three hours ago...”WERE SORRY WE DIDNLT MEAN IT, blah blah blah bullshit” you’re worthless.. assholes ... fucking pricks. I hope your families do nothing for you where is my intent so much for me and I keep shitting on them could you leave me the fuck alone and get five seconds myself to fucking think bitch is a reminder set up my phone and if I have that you’re so fucking pathetic you’re such a piece of shit it’s all about you bitch fuck you stuff that are pieces of shit no good motherfucker is your raised on your disgusting. Leave me alone. You’re nasty no good lying terrorist rapist murdering pieces of fucking cow shit. Maggots... I have more respect for isis.... I’d rather hail hitler than listen to you crazy lunatic psycho coward bitch ass pussy lying fuxkers... did you take down the algorithms? Thenones where I say something the people hear and read something else... ???? I can’t understand why anyone sane would allow you to do this to people?!! You say you don’t give a fuck.... guess that makes you insane... you don’t give a fuck that you’re hurting somebody that you’re trying to own somebody you take away their freedoms and their rights you’re destroying my family destroyed my life you think mistress to hear make fun of me bitch fuck you you are the nastiest fucking people in the world. And to think that you’ve kidnap somebody you’ve made it out of me today multiple times kidnapped somebody you kidnapped somebody from prison you’ve talked about it for three years you said you had everything planned out for 10 pre-meditated for 10 years to kidnap Kirk from prison if you put them in the prison and I’m supposed to be dead now but you’re pushing for it still haven’t me be dead or in a mental situation but when did you guys originally planned out to have me dead ? When was my death certificate made for??? You were just going to put Kirk in prison for 3 years and the kidnap him like you did and. Have him dissapear... your pet or toy to pass around just like you admitted couple times before.... how many other people have to done that too??? Access catalog..... ohioinmate, and other affiliates... southern Cali distribution center... human smuggling across. Well under the border “dude you wouldn’t believe how far down it goes.” Trump sure has your number doesn’t he?? Oh and your quests..... Kirk and I Kirk got to lexis Nexis and I finished... mark mallet admitted to being camera guy.. all admitted to kidnapping Kirk, all guilty of most of the illegal things you guys got going on or have done. Criminal mastermind... king pin.. stop bringing shit up.. you’re mouths need to shut. SHUT UP YOU ARE A TERRORIST CELL... and if you wanted me to be quiet and not tell people you’d shut the fuck up. Pussy both boy motherfuckers... oh yeah you all admitted the Joey labute thing today... and the josh smith Zachary emery, zac carpender, military people , taking people out of the prison system on the weekends and various other times (milk trucks). Drugging people you sick twisted pathetic pussys.. where were you when the world stopped turning? 75n on way back rom Florida with melisanand katie.. we had no idea till we got to Delphi’s as Gina’s house. Exit ramps were lined up clear out to 75 and down the road most the way home... 2nd time my world stopped turning... i can’t think of the day but I sure as hell know I don’t want you in my life. You stopped the world. More than once. And you think it’s fun.... biotches fuck off and die ain’t never seen something so pathetic and disgusting as the bullshit you trying to pull off.. and cover up.... bitch please.. tony wheeler , Tony bike, Dylan Gilreath, Cabo, tommy, Brian, Jacob, Ryan , Brent, Tim Tim Vince Zachary , Lyle, Logan, dalton, dalton,
Aman- hmm you take his country over yet. What about pasha? Did you get pasha to kill his brother like you said,? So You guys can take over the country? Or you just going to take his brother over.... the people you took over right in front of me you worked your way in like friends it seemed.. Jacob Ryan Dylan Aaron, they all talked to you in a normal tone of voice... even commented to Aaron “friends”. Just sweeting them up for the kill it looks like.... taking over a little bit getting comfortable then killing their souls and taking completely over... wow sad.
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Definition of Noble, brief 11 minute podcast update on gang stalking

Definition of Noble, brief 11 minute podcast update on gang stalking

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