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Deliberate Evil S.28 Ep.6

Deliberate Evil S.28 Ep.6

Update: 2019-11-071


Friday's Dateline offering brought us a case chock full of suspects, mailboxes, Tolstoy and Abby Lee Miller (?)! It's an episode where the beloved Mr. Mankiewicz braves life, limb, and extreme pocket square damage by smirking straight into the face of pure evil seated behind scratchy prison glass. But, it's a lucky thing that Manky is rarely without his trusty hanky as this one is a real tear jerker and both Kimberly and Katie felt a strange watery substance on their upper cheeks while watching the tragic stories of Gelareh and Coty. Find out what exactly is so deliberately evil, what really happens on a justice conference call, who and what is a "swarm" and how to commit massive benefits fraud in the worst possible way on this very, very, very special episode of A Date with Dateline!

Official Description from NBCU: A woman is found murdered in her car outside of her apartment. Solving this mystery would take not just years, but also involve at least one more murder. Josh Mankiewicz reports.

This episode is dedicated to long time Patronus Amy C., her best friend, her brother, and her son Harrison who refuses to go to sleep! Thank you, Amy!!! We appreciate you more than we can tell you!

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Deliberate Evil S.28 Ep.6

Deliberate Evil S.28 Ep.6

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