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This episode is a reminder that we’re all more connected than we realize. A woman named Lianne Bell agrees to do a favor for her mother and it ends up tying her to the Snarrs and Yvette in ways she never expected. Lianne delivers letters. Sy comes to Liane’s house. And in a room where the mother of the shooter once prayed for peace, Sy Snarr will find the miracle she’s been searching for since she lost her son.
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Researched and reported by Amy Donaldson
Written by Amy Donaldson and Andrea Smardon
Production and sound design by Andrea Smardon
Mixing by Trent Sell
Special thanks to Nina Earnest, Becky Bruce, KellieAnn Halvorsen, Ryan Meeks, Ben Kuebrich, Josh Tilton and Dave Cawley.
Main musical score composed by Allison Leyton Brown
With KSL Podcasts Executive Producer Sheryl Worsley
For Lemonada Media, Executive Producers Jessica Cordova Kramer and Stephanie Wittels Wachs
And Executive Producers Paul Anderson and Nick Panella with WorkHouse Media.
The Letter is produced by KSL Podcasts and Lemonada Media in association with WorkHouse Media.

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Mental Health is so stigmatized in our country, that we often forget that teens are navigating through life completely blind. When you add depression and a sense of chaos to that, the formula becomes explosive. Children spend 18 years of their lives asking to go to the bathroom. Then we send them out into the world and expect them to be module citizens. Not everything to them is black and white.I felt sorry for Jorge from the very beginning. The feeling of hate was like an old friend to him, and he released it in the worse possible way. I’m so glad this story had a happy ending and I hope this podcast opens doors to accessible mental health education for children/teens.

Oct 19th
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