DiscoverOlogies with Alie WardDelphinology Part 1 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg
Delphinology Part 1 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Delphinology Part 1 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Update: 2023-04-194


Giant brains! Communication mysteries! Infamous sensuality! Dolphins are here to blow your relatively tiny mind with their squeaks, clicks, cliques, history, lore, zany evolutionary path, psychedelic experiences, and so much more. Learn why some dolphins are pink, why NASA poured cash into groovy research, what it’s like to touch a dolphin, if they can learn to speak English, their mating strategies, captivity, and the researchers that made our culture obsessed with them. Also: how a screensaver can save your life. Stay tuned next week because the questions only get weirder. 

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Delphinology Part 1 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Delphinology Part 1 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

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