DiscoverOlogies with Alie WardDelphinology Part 2 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg
Delphinology Part 2 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Delphinology Part 2 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Update: 2023-04-266


Wow. It gets weirder. Military dolphins, dolphins on drugs, sensory deprivation, deciphering dolphin language, the search for alien life, and more with the affable and knowledgeable Delphinologist Dr. Justin Gregg. Should you cuddle a dolphin? Can one kill you? Should you hire dolphins as midwives? Why do they follow boats? And what’s Drake got to do with it? 

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Buy Dr. Gregg’s books: If Nietzsche Were A Narwhal: What Animal Intelligence Reveals About Human Stupidity, Are Dolphins Really Smart?: The Mammal Behind the Myth, and 22 Fantastical Facts About Dolphins

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Delphinology Part 2 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Delphinology Part 2 (DOLPHINS) with Justin Gregg

Alie Ward