DiscoverHow to Scale a Video Business with Den LennieDen's Clint Eastwood Story (And Episode 200!) EP #200 - Den Lennie
Den's Clint Eastwood Story (And Episode 200!) EP #200 - Den Lennie

Den's Clint Eastwood Story (And Episode 200!) EP #200 - Den Lennie

Update: 2021-07-15


Today, you'll hear the story of how a pasty white kid from Scotland made his way to Australia's magical Sunshine Coast with nothing but a few bucks to his name and a dream of making an impact in the video production industry. That's right. Today, Den Lennie tells his story. You'll hear about Den's good times, bad times, and shenanigans that happened along the way.

Here's a sneak peek at what you'll hear:

  • Two obvious things (that most people stubbornly refuse to do) Den did to get work as a young buck. - 1:45
  • Landing a job at the BBC is difficult and only those who have connections, a good reputation, and the right degrees get in, right? (Mostly. But sometimes they make an exception. Like they did for Den. Hear the details at 3:00 )
  • Den's Clint Eastwood story.  - 4:00
  • Was Den a "romantic sap" back in the day? Hear this tale at 4:40 and YOU decide.
  • The high profile (and very disturbing) news story Den covered while working as a TV crew member for JMTV. - 6:30
  • How Den impressed the hell out of a panel of job interviewers even though he showed up looking cocky, disorganized, and dishevelled. - 7:00
  • Den's hoity-toity day with Queen Elizabeth. - 8:30
  • The "blond bombshell" TV presenter Den was lucky enough to work with for three years. - 9:00
  • A tragic accident that had Den helicoptered off a mountain. - 10:00
  • What Den's doctor told him that threw his career into disarray. - 11:00
  • Q. What do you call a guy who possesses high-level sales skills and works in a warehouse? A. Den Lennie. True story. Listen to Den talk about his warehouse days at 12:10
  • Den reminisces about a time when cameras sizes were decreasing and career options were increasing. - 13:00
  • Some people think Den is a name-dropper, but his good friends from the band Duran Duran and his good buddies Cristiano Ronaldo and Robbie Williams don't think so. (Hear some of the BIG names Den has worked with at 14:00 )
  • Sunny Days At Sony. (Den has had a long and prosperous relationship with Sony and... at 16:00 , Den gives some hard-nosed insider advice on how to impress the pants off large corporate clients the likes of Sony, and... how to get them to rehire you time and time again.)
  • College-educated, street trained, and honed by decades in the video production trenches, here's the single most important thing Den has learned. - 17:45

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Den's Clint Eastwood Story (And Episode 200!) EP #200 - Den Lennie

Den's Clint Eastwood Story (And Episode 200!) EP #200 - Den Lennie

Den Lennie