DiscoverService Design ShowDesignOps is Service Design? / Heidi Ettanen / Episode #182
DesignOps is Service Design? / Heidi Ettanen / Episode #182

DesignOps is Service Design? / Heidi Ettanen / Episode #182

Update: 2023-08-17


In this episode, we dive deep into DesignOps and its rapid adoption by leading companies worldwide. Personally, I'm a strong advocate for DesignOps. I feel it holds the potential to unleash, or at least significantly contribute to, the full power of design within organizations.

The fact that you're reading this tells me that you probably also feel design needs to operate at a more strategic level and not be confined to surface-level challenges.

DesignOps plays a crucial role in creating an environment where design and design professionals flourish. It bridges the gap between an organization's existing operations, often misaligned with a design-driven approach, and a future where design seamlessly integrates with how business is done.

As you might have experienced yourself, most organizations lack the supporting systems, processes, and tools for design to thrive. Design's voice is often muffled amidst the organizational noise. Being in such a scenario can be incredibly frustrating. You recognize your work's potential impact, yet external factors limit it.

This is where DesignOps comes in — removing these limitations and cultivating a space where design professionals are heard and valued.

The guest in this episode is Heidi Ettanen, a respected leader in the DesignOps realm, leading operations at a global fashion and retail brand. I sat down with Heidi to explore some burning questions: when do you need to establish a dedicated DesignOps role, how do you align people and processes without stifling creativity, and what are the common pitfalls when initiating DesignOps?

So, if you're passionate about creating an environment where design thrives, elevating its impact on your organization through design (did anyone say inception), this episode is a must.

With each DesignOps-focused episode, my respect for the field and its champions grows. And there's just so much opportunity for collaboration.

Enjoy the conversation, and keep making a positive impact!

- Marc

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00:00 Welcome to episode 182
04:00 Who is Heidi
04:45 Lightning Round
07:00 How it all started
11:15 What is DesignOps (Workplace Analogy)
12:45 Why is it Important?
14:30 What DesignOps focuses on
19:15 Challenges dealt with
26:15 Who takes the lead?
31:15 When Do We Introduce DesignOps?
36:45 3 Pillars in Ops
39:00 The hardest aspect of DesignOps
40:15 What's holding us back
44:00 H&M design process
47:00 What's needed to make it impactful
49:45 What did you wish you knew?

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DesignOps is Service Design? / Heidi Ettanen / Episode #182

DesignOps is Service Design? / Heidi Ettanen / Episode #182

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