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Designing Your Perfect Day

Designing Your Perfect Day

Update: 2021-09-07


Hey, everybody. Welcome to the Design Your Best Life Podcast. This is episode 24. 

Today, we're going to be talking about the magic of discipline.  So this is how this episode came about. This morning during Natasha's quiet time, a time in the morning where Natasha can start to reflect on things that are needed for the days lessons and things to think about. Today Natasha was feeling very scattered and had tons of different things that needed to be accomplish.  Overwhelm was a thought that was quickly approaching.  

What was placed on Natasha's heart was the concept of a Million dollar day.

"If I was going to have my million dollar day, the most perfect day where I felt in control, where I felt like I was the master of my day, where the day didn't run me, I ran the day where I felt like I was present in all the different areas of my life. What would that day look like? And it really, made me realize that when I am feeling very scattered, it is because I am not being disciplined. And I have to tell you, I hate the word discipline Rich and I have different views. And so we'll probably talk about that for me. I feel like being disciplined"

Tune in for this fun conversation with Natasha and Rich on today's episode!


[00:03:51 ] RICHARD: Well, it was just talking about the power of creating a vision and how everything that you're thinking. And doing in your life right now is, [00:04:00 ] is actively designing your future life. So goes along kind of what we were talking about with, with the whole thing with magnets, about how, if you have the opposite poles of a magnet, they'll stick together. And if you flip them over and they're the same, then they'll repel. Each other. This book was talking about. How we're basically walking through our life as magnets for what we want or repelling things based on the thoughts that we're putting in our head and the visions we're creating our head. If we're constantly focusing on negative things, you know, it's along the same lines of the law of attraction and all of that, but it's just using the magnet analogy, I guess, or metaphor the symbol of the magnet being actually one thing he talked about, let me back up is you can take a non-magnetic like screwdriver and rub the magnet on the [00:05:00 ] screwdriver, and then it will magnetize for a short period of time. And you can use that to like pick up iron filings or whatever. And so that's kind of an example of. Well, who we are as magnets for what we want. We're we're basically we have the ability to either be charged, to be a magnet, to attract the things that we want by putting visions and thoughts and speaking out loud, what we want and living into exactly what we want. Or we can go the other way, where we just have no magnetic power to attract what we want and actually the opposite be getting what we don't want by being negative, focusing on all the things that are going wrong, being stressed or anxious or jealous, or any of the negative types of emotions that we don't want.

[00:09:49 ] NATASHA: That's what the magic we want to hear. Isn't it y'all we wanted to hear that Rich was so excited, so happy to be here. Sometimes we've got to jumpstart our [00:10:00 ] routine because it can be so easy when you're out of momentum, especially like, for example, we're talking about like an eating habit. You can be so regimented with your. Eating habits. Let's say you're trying to lose weight. And then all of a sudden you fall off the wagon one day and oh, it's just one day. And then before you know it it's, well, I'll get back tomorrow and then, well, you see something really good and you're like, well, I'm just going to go ahead and splurge on this day. I'll start the next day. And before you know it a week, Two weeks a month has gone by and it's because you're out of momentum and it's so easy to forget how amazing it feels when you do have those disciplines. It's the same thing with exercise. It's the same thing with work habit. And so that's really, I think the magic of discipline is like, you're actually going to feel better when you are moving through your day. With intention and you can actually start to [00:11:00 ] focus on the things that you want. Because that's what, and that's what you're talking about with the magnet. Like you want to set up just letting the day run you instead of just floating around like a plastic bag in the breeze with whichever fire is calling out your name, you move forward and you say this, these are the things that I want to accomplish.

[00:13:38 ] NATASHA: That is an RSA we're talking about with RSA check out one of our earliest podcast episodes, where we talk about RSA ridiculously small action steps versus tan. Take action now, anyways, it's amazing how often RSA and tan come into. Come into the conversation. I wanted to come up [00:14:00 ] with specific categories in specific time periods and what was so interesting as I added up all these times so that I could have a, the perfect day, my million dollar day, where I felt like a million bucks. I got everything done that I wanted to get done. And you all, it only added up to 21.5 hours to do everything that I wanted to do. So I had like extra, an extra, what is that? Two and a half hours. Is that right? Three and a half. Yeah, two and a half hours. I was like, whoa, this is amazing. So then I started actually scheduling it starting at five 30 in the morning, and I just couldn't believe how much time. I actually had, now I will admit what was not on there. Mindlessly scrolling Facebook for three hours. Like that was not on the list. I did have 30 minutes of social media time so that I could interact with people and be present, but I'm going to be in and out [00:15:00 ] on a timer and it felt so amazing. 









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Designing Your Perfect Day

Designing Your Perfect Day

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