Developing an Unstoppable Mindset

Developing an Unstoppable Mindset

Update: 2019-01-12


As with anything you want to grow in, it will require a sacrifice of your time and energy.

  •   If we determine to lose weight, we will have to change our eating habits and lifestyle. 
  •   If we want to gain a degree in college, it will require we apply ourselves diligently, taking time for classes, studies and exams. 
  •   And if we want to be promoted in our jobs, we have to work hard, learn our position well and go the extra mile.

Try to look at this endeavor as a "school of success." If you want to take your life and your career to the next level, you will need to . . . .

  •   Be deliberate and methodical in managing your time
  •   Stay committed to daily learning and growth
  •   Set measurable goals and take steps to complete them
  •   Develop a vision and use it to keep your focus
  •   Be open to changing or adding new habits and routines
  •   Maintain a resolve to Do Whatever it Takes! 

The whole process begins when you “feed your brain” exactly what it needs to grow and avoid those things that cause it to feel fearful, doubtful or uncertain. 
 One philosophy I find very useful in doing whatever it takes is to keep telling myself, "If you are too comfortable, you are not growing."  If we are truly honest with ourselves, we find that it is in the uncomfortable moments of life, we can look back and see the most growth as in the example listed earlier about driving in Europe

Sometimes we jump in not fully assessing what it takes to achieve our goals, the advantages or the challenges. When we acknowledge these things ahead of time it helps us to become better prepared instead of walking blindly or being blindsided by the unexpected.

Excerpts and insights* from Chapter 2 of "Your Journey to Greatness Through Routine: A Guide to Creating a Success Routine"
Book Contains:

  • 7 Actual Case Studies
  • 8 Downloadable Tools
  • Assessment Questions at the End of Each Chapter
  • The Brain Science Behind Habits
  • Retraining Your Brain Through Cognitive Restructuring
  • Heart Science, Energy and the Law of Attraction
  • Powerful Principles of Influence and Greatness
  • Tips and Tools to Build Your Success Routine

*Certain portions have been added to actual book excerpts by the author.

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Developing an Unstoppable Mindset

Developing an Unstoppable Mindset

Michelle L Steffes, Author / Speaker / Trainer / Coach