Discover36 From the VaultDick’s Picks Vol. 34 — 11/5/77 Rochester, NY
Dick’s Picks Vol. 34 — 11/5/77 Rochester, NY

Dick’s Picks Vol. 34 — 11/5/77 Rochester, NY

Update: 2022-07-18


In this week’s episode of 36 From The Vault, we dip into the Fall of 1977, because we haven’t explored enough of 1977 in this series. Featuring the complete show from Rochester, NY on 11/5/77, we also hear segments of 11/2/77 from Toronto. A volume that puzzles Rob and Steve, we wonder a bit about why this show was selected in the series, while also admiring the subtle shifts we hear from the band between May and November 1977.

Disc One features the complete first set from 11/5 and is highlighted by a stunning “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo” alongside a vibrant “Big River” which features some stunning leads from Jerry before Mickey & Billy push it into a disco space. 

Disc Two features the first half of S2 from 11/5 before providing snippets of 11/2. In the 11/5 half we hear one of the best “Take A Step Back’s” ever alongside a gorgeous “Eyes Of The World.” The 11/2 half showcases “St. Stephen” alongside a ripping “Around & Around.” (That was not a typo)

Finally, Disc Three is highlighted by the back half of 11/5’s S2 with a mellow take on “Estimated Prophet>He’s Gone>Rhythm Devils>The Other One>Black Peter>Sugar Magnolia.” We close with “Lazy Lightning>Supplication Blues” from 11/2. It’s a confounding release - especially this deep in the series - but Rob and Steve provide the kind of insight needed to make it shine.

36 from the Vault is a production of Osiris Media. It is edited, produced and mastered by Brian Brinkman. All music composed by Amar Sastry, unless otherwise noted. Logo design by Liz Bee Art & Design. The executive producer of 36 from the Vault is RJ Bee. 


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Dick’s Picks Vol. 34 — 11/5/77 Rochester, NY

Dick’s Picks Vol. 34 — 11/5/77 Rochester, NY