Discover36 From the VaultDick’s Picks Vol. 36 — 9/21/72 Philadelphia, PA
Dick’s Picks Vol. 36 — 9/21/72 Philadelphia, PA

Dick’s Picks Vol. 36 — 9/21/72 Philadelphia, PA

Update: 2022-08-15


In this week’s episode of 36 From The Vault, we celebrate the Series Finale of Dick’s Picks as well as the Series Finale of 36 From The Vault. Featuring a complete show from Philadelphia, PA on 9/21/72, we also hear segments of 9/3/72 from Boulder, CO. One of the greatest Dick’s Picks of all time, it’s a fitting conclusion to the series and yet another showcase of the brilliance of September 1972.

Disc One features the majority of Set One from 9/21/72 which includes a brilliant “Bird Song” as well a stunning take on “Loser.” A loose and vibey “China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider” showcases the standards heavy Set I played with exceptional verve. Disc Two straddles Set One and Two from 9/21/71 and is highlighted by an outstanding “Playing In The Band” closer before “He’s Gone>Truckin’” brings us into the second frame. 

An elongated 4+hr show, the staple of Disc Three is an absolutely incredible “Dark Star>Morning Dew.” Nearly 50min of stunning music, including 35+min of deep 1972 jamming, this is one of the greatest pieces of music released in the entire Dick’s Picks series. Disc Four closes out the Spectrum show before giving us a three song snapshot from Folsom Field with “He’s Gone> The Other One> Wharf Rat.” And with that, we’ve finally reached the end of the Dick’s Picks series. Thank you to everyone who has joined us for this long, strange trip.

36 from the Vault is a production of Osiris Media. It is edited, produced and mastered by Brian Brinkman. All music composed by Amar Sastry, unless otherwise noted. Logo design by Liz Bee Art & Design. The executive producer of 36 from the Vault is RJ Bee. 


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Dick’s Picks Vol. 36 — 9/21/72 Philadelphia, PA

Dick’s Picks Vol. 36 — 9/21/72 Philadelphia, PA