Discover36 From the VaultDick's Picks Vol. 11 - 9/27/72, Jersey City, NJ
Dick's Picks Vol. 11 - 9/27/72, Jersey City, NJ

Dick's Picks Vol. 11 - 9/27/72, Jersey City, NJ

Update: 2020-07-27


Welcome to Season 2 of 36 from the Vault: SUMMER TOUR! In Episode 12 we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 12, from The Stanley Theater in Jersey City, NJ on September 27, 1972. Our first 1972 show in the series - and the first of three from September ‘72 in the larger Dick’s Picks Cannon, this is one of the best full shows we’ve heard thus far. Filled with great song selections, and huge jams, this is a peek into the world of The Dead post-Europe, post-Pigpen, as they were incorporating more jazz and psychedelia into their jams, and were fully connected behind the drumming of Bill Kreutzmann. The show opens with a rare “Morning Dew.” Typically a Set II closer, its appearance here overshadows Set I with an ominous feel. Later, “Bird Song” drifts like a dream before the set ends in wild fashion with a ripping “China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider” followed by an abstract take on “Playin’ In The Band. In Set II “He’s Gon” jams in a focused & medidative style before “Dark Star” hooks up for an ethereal and breezy take on the expansive jam vehicle. Elsewhere, “Cumberland Blues” rips unexpectedly, while “Attics Of my Life” offers the emotional resolution needed following a show like this. 

Steven and Rob focus on the impact of Europe & shows like Veneta on the band in 1972, and the transition they were about to go through as they moved into 1973 & 1974, two renowned years in Grateful Dead history. 

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Dick's Picks Vol. 11 - 9/27/72, Jersey City, NJ

Dick's Picks Vol. 11 - 9/27/72, Jersey City, NJ