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Digital Debris  Part 3: Liner Notes

Digital Debris Part 3: Liner Notes

Update: 2021-02-10


When you listen to music through a streaming music service, how aware are you of what you’re listening to?...sure, you can look at the screen, but what does that tell you?...the name of the artist, the name of the song, maybe the name of the album…how much time has elapsed, how much is left in the song…

But say you’re intrigued by what you’re hearing, and you want to know more…that means you’ve got to search the internet…Wikipedia is usually surprisingly accurate when it comes to learning more about a song or an album…who produced it, the engineer, the name of the studio, the supporting players, and so worth…

I mean, it does the job, but it feels kinda lacking…a bit antiseptic…

And then if you want lyrics, you have to search other sites…and again, these sites do a decent job, but…*sigh*…

Okay, I’ll just say it…I miss liner notes…I miss being able to sort through all the printing in a cd booklet or on a vinyl record…there’s something mysteriously cool about learning something about the artist or the music by finding something buried in the liner notes…

Writing and compiling this text used to be a big deal…people were paid good money and even won awards for writing liner notes…the industry has specialists for this sort of thing…

But as we get deeper and deeper into the digital era, liner notes are disappearing along with the concept of B-sides and bonus tracks, and album artwork…it’s all part of the evolution of music culture…

This is final part a series marking these changes…this is digital debris 3: liner notes

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Digital Debris  Part 3: Liner Notes

Digital Debris Part 3: Liner Notes