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Digital Government with Megan Beretta

Digital Government with Megan Beretta

Update: 2021-03-03


Megan Beretta is a public servant who is dedicated to digital government. She and Elizabeth chat about the evolution from e-government to digital government, where we find digital gov efforts in Canada (also, who can actually get stuff done), and opportunities for increased accessibility.

Additional Resources

We've mentioned the Citizenship in a Connected Canada book before - it is the one Elizabeth co-edited. It is available open access (that means free!). There are three relevant chapters for today's episode! Links below are to SSRN which is a repository for pre-prints, you can also download or order the full book here.

Ch. 4: Elizabeth mentions a model of e-government and transition to digital government in the episode. You can find a good breakdown of that model in the Canadian context in Kent Aitken's chapter: Government in the Connected Era.

Ch. 5: Megan mentions Amanda Clarke's work (which is vast) but you can find an accessible overview of some key points in her chapter: Data Governance, The Next Frontier of Digital Government Research and Practice.

Ch. 7: While you're at it, check out Megan's own chapter: Influencing the Internet, Lobbyists and Interest Groups’ Impact on Digital Rights in Canada.

For more information on how digital government works at the federal level in Canada you can check out the government website and the Minister for Digital Government's mandate letter.









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Digital Government with Megan Beretta

Digital Government with Megan Beretta

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