DiscoverParks and RecollectionDirector Dean Holland: Greg Pikitis (S2E7)
Director Dean Holland: Greg Pikitis (S2E7)

Director Dean Holland: Greg Pikitis (S2E7)

Update: 2021-12-071


Directions to Pawnee are simple! Today Rob Lowe and Alan Yang are visited by director Dean Holland as they review S2E7 (Dean's first episode!) On "Greg Pikitis" Leslie tries to stop a high school kid who vandalizes the park every Halloween, while Ann's party is a dud until Tom as T-Pain saves the day. Find out about behind the scenes Halloween parades, who was in the dinosaur costume, the Ron Swanson 1-10 scale, and what makes the funniest script—all on today's amazing episode!

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The episode opens with Leslie confronting her peach-eating arch nemesis, teenaged Greg Pikitis, in the high school hallway about his past Halloween hi-jinx. Leslie enlists the help of her boyfriend PO Sanderson to tail Pikitis to make sure he doesn’t vandalize the Statue of Mayor Percy once again. Meanwhile, Ann reminds the Parks Dept. about her Halloween party and is disappointed to find out that in spite of her efforts to not invite Tom, Jerry has spilled the beans and Tom will attend. 

Ann’s party is off to a boring and awkward start until Tom arrives dressed as T-pain and turns the living room into a dance floor. A possible spark between Ron and Wendy is kindled when Wendy tells Ron her Green Card marriage could soon come to an end. 

Meanwhile, Leslie and PO Sanderson’s tailing of Pikitis turns up nothing and the two decide to go to Ann’s Halloween party. However, while stopping by Leslie’s office to pick up her Halloween costume, the two discover that the Parks Dept. has been TP’ed and vandalized, with the coup de grace being a peach pit left atop a pile of whip cream on Leslie’s desk.

Despite the fact they’ve watched Pikitis all night, Leslie is sure Pikitis is the perpetrator. Leslie convinces PO Sanderson to bring in Greg for questioning and after getting no where with him, Leslie decides to have Andy take a crack at him. Andy goes in hot with the FBI persona Burt Macklin, but Pikitis is so mean to him, Andy ends up crying. The scene ends with Pikitis’ mom showing up and threatening to sue Leslie, PO Sanderson, and the FBI for holding a minor against his will. 

Andy helps Leslie clean up the Parks Dept. offices and after a few beers, the two decide to TP Greg Pikitis’ house.  PO Sanderson shows up saying he’s been called and an unfamiliar woman opens the front door and points to Leslie saying she’s the reason the police were called. Leslie fears she has the wrong house until it’s revealed that Greg goes on Craigslist to hire fake moms to get him out of trouble and the woman standing in front of them is actually Greg’s real mom. When Leslie realizes Greg’s not at home, she rushes to the statue of Mayor Percy and catches Pikitis in the act of vandalizing the statue.

The episode ends with Leslie wondering how Greg could have gotten into the Parks Dept. to vandalize it and a flashback showing Greg pretending to be a janitor, hiding in the dumpster until everyone had left, and vandalizing the office. 

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Director Dean Holland: Greg Pikitis (S2E7)

Director Dean Holland: Greg Pikitis (S2E7)

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