DiscoverDirty JohnDirty John: Live at The Theatre at Ace Hotel | 7
Dirty John: Live at The Theatre at Ace Hotel | 7

Dirty John: Live at The Theatre at Ace Hotel | 7

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In the months since “Dirty John” was released, more of John Meehan’s victims have told their stories. Carolina Miranda from the LA Times interviews Christopher Goffard, Debra and Terra Newell, and John Meehan’s first wife. Plus, a panel on coercive control and a special live performance by Tracy Bonham. Recorded live at the Ace Theatre.

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Comments (19)


"Toxic masculinity".... Give me a break

Mar 19th

Natasha Williams

awesome job

Jan 10th

Shadow Bound

I am extremely grateful to hear about"coercive control" on your show! I am currently in the process of leaving an 11 year abusive relationship with a very controlling narcissist. And while researching my options, I stumbled across a uTube broadcast explaining coercive control. I can't express enough how validating it is to hear that your show is helping to spread the word about this. And for all of the listeners who are judging, please be careful, predators who are on the hunt are very hard to see and one may get close.. keep your eyes open and NEVER doubt your intuition.

Dec 24th

Sarah-Jane Percy

Shadow Bound Keep going lovely.... You're doing it right. I've been there and started with the research which took me to some amazing material. You should check out real crime profile with Laura and Jim... Very educational and discusses coercive control as Laura is very passionate about that. Eventually you will change your energy with such conviction and strength that your abuser will lose that power of control and not want to be around you. I wish you all the best in your journey 🙏🏼❤️

Jul 6th

Monnie Moores

I have called times before.Once I was taken to jail, because my name was not on the list.I had to leave my girls in the house with him.The LAST time I will ever call the police,was a few years ago.I told the officer to arrest him and Amake a report.The cop refused.He told me he said he didn't do that.I told him to fuck off and shut the door on him.After this I called the sherrif office and thanked them for no help and one or both of us will be dead one day......Well,now he tells me he will kill me, and put me in the woods.I know surround myself with knives, not a call to 911........

Dec 5th

Jq Baker

Monnie Moores In my exp. The cops only make it worse. No disrespect ma'am but never bring a knife to a gunfight. Arm yourself properly if you have actually had your life threatened by this individual. Also Bear Spray and a Taser for back up. Good luck and God bless.

Aug 16th

Victory Sober Living

Terra had the motivation to safe herself and her whole family. John predated for years, manipulating and encapsulating himself with low self worth people. I get it, everyone has a soft spot or an opening to be exploited. Terra didn’t ignore the signs of warning. Her mother I don’t really understand.

Nov 27th

matagi sorensen

Christopher Goddard

Nov 21st

Anne Mcintosh

when I first started listening I thought this was a scripted podcast.Then I realized it was from a real life happening to the Newall family by dirty John Wow!!

Nov 19th


poor Terra. Difficult to listen to her obvious medication slurred speech. Hopefully time will heal her fully. Brave lady.

Nov 14th

Luscious Leftfoot

Im sending all the positive energy and love to all of the families of those who have been infected by the Dirty John needle and those like him. Be well

Oct 20th

Laura De La Paz

mixed feeling...just crazy

Oct 16th

Guadalupe Cruz


Oct 7th

P Vera Khamari

sweet ending. they got lucky. assures everyboby a little bit doesn't it?

Apr 29th


John Ahumada Well, several months back, my sister visited with my niece and nephew. My niece, being a curious toddler, turned the knob on the oven without us realizing and cranked that sucker up to the hottest temperature she could, melting all of my Tupperware. My apartment filled with smoke, I felt like an idiot, we laughed about it, and I learned a valuable lesson. After that, I continued life as a wiser, more responsible adult.

Apr 30th

John Ahumada

P Vera Khamari Jay

Apr 29th

Victor Ceja


Feb 9th

Wireless Caller

tomi vas aquerer qué te mando otro video

Jan 31st
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Dirty John: Live at The Theatre at Ace Hotel | 7

Dirty John: Live at The Theatre at Ace Hotel | 7