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Disability as a Business Innovator

Disability as a Business Innovator

Update: 2022-01-21


Jonathan Kaufman, founder of J. Kaufman Consulting and a thought leader and educator, joins Dr. Vanessa Weaver to discuss how embracing disabilities can allow companies to be more innovative and productive. He talks about his experience as a person with a disability, why people with disabilities are often overlooked in corporate America and the role resilience, patience and adaptation play in creating environments that are supportive and inclusive of people with disabilities. 

In this Episode

·      The disability market in the United States and how companies are missing out on harnessing the talent of these individuals

·      How a fear of the unknown drives companies away from discussions about people with disabilities and how that avoidance fosters a culture of ableism

·      The role of resilience, patience and adaptation in the discussion about disabilities and the experience of people with disabilities

·      Dr. Kaufman’s experience growing up with a disability and how that shaped his career aspirations and his perception of the workplace and the world

·      The actions companies must take to create an inclusive and accommodating environment for people with disabilities


·      Jonathan Kaufman

·      J. Kaufman Consulting

·      Dr. Vanessa Weaver

·      Alignment Strategies

·      Mindset Matters

·      The $400 Billion Adaptive Clothing Opportunity

·      Disability Impacts All of Us

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Disability as a Business Innovator

Disability as a Business Innovator

Vanessa J. Weaver, PhD