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Disappearance at the Dairy Queen

Disappearance at the Dairy Queen

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In this Dateline classic, Dennis Murphy reports on the mysterious cold case of 13-Year-Old Cindy Zarzycki who disappeared one day in 1986 after telling friends she was meeting someone at the local Dairy Queen. Originally aired on NBC on April 17, 2009

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Kimica Z

This story is so tragic... as in so many other cases, the cops couldn't find her because they didn't look. They told her parents to *wait* 24 hours to file a missing person report, knowing they were losing the time most critical to an investigation!

Jan 10th

The Everyday Bombshell

I would've paid money to see Art's smug face when they found him guilty. I'd give up cheesecake for a lifetime to see it. F*** him. He should have listened to his lawyer, whom I believe all along was trying to get him to do the right thing. Also that's a huge lie that it was an accident, that things got out of hand. He intended to kill her all along... that was part of such an elaborate plan to get his son out of the state. There's no way that girl was going to keep quiet after he lured her to a birthday party that didn't exist there was no way out of this except her death and anybody who believes differently is an idiot.

Jan 5th
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Disappearance at the Dairy Queen

Disappearance at the Dairy Queen

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