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Discover The Secrets to Aging in Reverse

Discover The Secrets to Aging in Reverse

Update: 2021-01-114


We often think of aging as synonymous with decline. We believe that having memory loss, becoming slow and less agile, experiencing joint pain and stiffness, increasing diseases, and need for medications are all viewed as ‘normal’ as we age. The truth is, becoming overweight, sick, and slow are NOT inevitable. 

We need to reframe how we view aging. The current theory that aging is just a slow and painful decline until we die is outdated and archaic. Currently, our healthspans do not equal our lifespans. Your healthspan is how well you live, your lifespan is how long you live. So while it’s true that human bodies cannot live forever, there are proven scientific methods to extend our healthspan, and that’s really what matters.

On today’s Broken Brain Podcast, we are sharing episode 1 from our upcoming 8-part docu-series, the Longevity Roadmap, hosted by Dr. Mark Hyman.

In the Longevity Roadmap, you’ll learn all about the prevalent diseases of aging that decrease healthspan, how the conventional approach to these conditions is backwards, how to identify and treat the root cause of aging using the Functional Medicine approach, and more importantly, how to improve your healthspan to live a long, vibrant life.

In Episode 1, we'll dive into an overview of longevity and the difference between healthspan and lifespan. We'll discuss the 7 systems of Functional Medicine and how imbalances in each system can lead to disease.


We’ll also cover: 

  • The issue with the disease-focused approach.
  • How the 7 main organ systems are responsible for the majority of chronic disease.
  • Practical steps you can take today to improve your healthspan.


This 8-part docu-series, explores the Functional Medicine approach to heart disease, cancer, balancing hormones, and brain health, how to eat for longevity, and innovative therapies that have been shown to increase healthspan. Join Dr. Hyman and other experts and doctors at The UltraWellness Center to learn how to create optimal health and Become Young at Any Age.

You can watch the Longevity Roadmap docu-series for free, between January 13th and 20th—click here to sign-up:

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Discover The Secrets to Aging in Reverse

Discover The Secrets to Aging in Reverse