DiscoverThe Human Upgrade with Dave Asprey—formerly Bulletproof RadioDiscovering Blue Zones In America – Dan Buettner : 1001
Discovering Blue Zones In America – Dan Buettner : 1001

Discovering Blue Zones In America – Dan Buettner : 1001

Update: 2022-12-022


IN THIS EPISODE OF THE HUMAN UPGRADE™… Dan Buettner joins the show to talk about the origins and food foundations of Blue Zones. He discusses how they were discovered, what makes them different, and what’s changed for people living there over the past few decades. And the big question—is it still possible to live to 100?

Dan, an explorer, National Geographic Fellow, award-winning journalist and producer, and photographer, has studied and written extensively about the five places in the world—dubbed Blue Zones—where people live the longest, healthiest, and often happiest lives. He’s partnered with epidemiologists, anthropologists, medical researchers, demographers, and statisticians to take a data-based approach to everything from genetics to census data.

Combining this intensive research with cultural immersion, Dan’s brought out aspects of Blue Zones lifestyles—like food and social connection—that form a foundation for human life quality and longevity. He’s the bestselling author of a series of Blue Zone books.

In Dan’s latest Blue Zones adventure, he took a road trip across the United States to explore food and communities. He found that pockets of Blue Zones do exist throughout the U.S. He talked to heritage cooks passing on recipes to younger generations. He uncovered the traditional roots of plant-forward cuisine in the United States and presents both traditional and revolutionary ideas in vegetarian food in his newest book, “The Blue Zones American Kitchen: 100 Recipes to Live to 100.” Stunning photography and recipes show the vitality of both food and people from five distinct areas: Indigenous, Native & Early American, African American, Latin American, Asian American and Regional and Contemporary American.

Dan also dug deep into the country’s food history and brings to light the dramatic changes in food processing, regulation, government intervention, and leadership choices that have influenced food supply. He combed through 60 oral histories, scientific reports and academic papers to reconstruct traditional American diets. In “The Blue Zones American Kitchen,” you’ll find out why the 1970s were the worst decade for America’s food environment. 


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Discovering Blue Zones In America – Dan Buettner : 1001

Discovering Blue Zones In America – Dan Buettner : 1001