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Division Among the Democrats

Division Among the Democrats

Update: 2020-11-1642


For four years, Democrats had been united behind the mission of defeating President Trump.

But after the election of Joe Biden, the party’s disappointing showing in congressional races — losing seats in the House and facing a struggle for even narrow control of the Senate — has exposed the rifts between progressives and moderates.

In interviews with The New York Times, House members on each side of that divide — Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York and Representative Conor Lamb of Pennsylvania — shared their views about how the Democrats can win back support in local races.

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Guest: Astead W. Herndon, a national political reporter for The New York Times. 

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Background reading: 

  • In the wake of Joe Biden’s victory, the divides that have long simmered among Democrats are now beginning to burst into the open.
  • In an interview with The New York Times, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dismissed criticism from House moderates and said the next few weeks would set the tone for how the incoming administration would be received by liberal activists.
  • Representative Conor Lamb told The Times that he expected the Biden team to govern as it had campaigned: with progressives at arm’s length.
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Arthur D'Arrigo

i think D's need to figure out what they can get together on. i live in Lamb's district and i would characterize his primary appeal as "personal integrity". there is a bit too much policy wonkery in both both reps approach. they are finding points of difference and i think they are being overly defensive. instead i would like to see Ds attack the R's for being divisive, for being grifters and being disengaged from reality. promote the whole D party as authentic, competent, and generally decent. internal differences can be worked through internally. the retail message needs to be consistent. i think this approach can make room for real progressive achievement while restoring some faith in the D's who have been really damaged by R cynicism. i think rather than moving towards Rs, that the Ds need to characterize them as a morally bankrupt group. and i think that means complete demonization of the Rs wherever possible and particularly in swing districts. make them come over or exclude them entirely. government will still happen, compromises will be struck. ds need to be together and disciplined

Nov 18th

Jonathan Petherbridge

I thought Trump lost share of white male voters and gained all other segments. What is AOC talking about? isn't she loosing minorities?

Nov 18th


The NYT really laid up some softballs with their questions to AOC. They just let her state her version of why they lost seats in the house totally unchallenged. The truth is they lost many moderate voters who that should have won. People sick of Trump who they should have won, but who split their tickets because of some of the radical views espoused by her and her squad. Instead of expanding the tent she would rather they go further left? How foolish is that? AOC seems to think that her job is to turn up the pressure on Biden, instead of supporting him.

Nov 17th

Tyler Foss

I voted Biden, but Republican for everything else because of socialism and defund the police. I voted in one of those seats they thought they were going to win.

Nov 17th
Reply (3)

Alex Mercedes

excruciating! do you have any idea how many times these two said the equivalent of "so what he's saying" and "so what she's saying"? Listen again: it was a lot. call me old school: I don't look to NYT (or any other news outlet) to interpret or translate for me. Analysis - not translation is what I want. there's a difference. as for the differences of opinion among Democrats: The viewpoints of the Democratic politicians featured here are very different from each other.... Maybe we need more than two parties?

Nov 16th
Reply (1)

N Me

again the common thread throughout this is the "Parties" themselves-down with the GOP & DNC..As evidenced by these interviews, both of these "Dem's" represent a very different segment of the populous..the parties muddy the waters

Nov 16th
Reply (2)

Nic _

finally. something other than election protocols. this is the story we've been wanting to hear. can't wait to hear these folks fighting gahahajajahaha

Nov 16th








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Division Among the Democrats

Division Among the Democrats