Do The Thing: Mika's better Half

Do The Thing: Mika's better Half

Update: 2022-02-04


You got one email from me already, now another?! No, it’s not your birthday, I’m just trying something new.

Substack, the host of this newsletter, is now offering the ability to host podcast episodes. So, I’m giving it a test drive. Tell me what you think about this format. Any better? Easier to navigate? What do you think?

Okay, enough making you work. Let’s Do The Thing and talk about the episode, shall we.

Mika's move to Finland was certainly a shock to a lot of people, but the bigger shock was learning his beautiful wife, Jennifer, was not going to go with him and they were not getting divorced. The decision was actually a very wise one, but is still difficult to understand nonetheless. Although Mika's already talked about his reason, her perspective is way more interesting, as is typically the case. Oh, and if you're wondering about the photo for the episode, that's Jennifer participating in the Mid City Gras parade! She was dressed as a flying squirrel and was riding a trike. Ain't she the coolest!  

But I really love the picture below of Jennifer and Mika. It was taken not too long ago at our friend Jenn Ocken’s house. She is discussed in this episode. She’s another fabulous person who I hope to feature on an episode one day.

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Do The Thing: Mika's better Half

Do The Thing: Mika's better Half

Samantha Morgan